Windser Releases Music Video for Debut Single “July”

The California-based singer/songwriter pairs his nostalgic single with dreamy, evocative visuals.

With saccharine vocals against a soft and whimsical acoustic track, Windser’s indie-pop debut single evokes late nights in the middle of summer spent with best friends, memories becoming reflections in the exact moment they are made—a fitting feeling for the track’s summertime title, “July.”


Released on July 31, the California-born artist’s single has already garnered a well-deserved more than 48,000 streams on Spotify and now has a dreamy, nostalgic music video to provide visuals to “July”’s expressions of growing up and the passage of time.



“With the music video for ‘July,’ director Austin Winchell and I wanted to create a sense of movement through time,” said Windser. “How life is always moving at the speed of light and finding your footing through different chapters can be hard.”

The music video was shot in Northern California (specifically San Francisco), the same place that hailed the single itself when the singer/songwriter wrote it during quarantine. 


We did all the planning for the video over email, and then Austin came up to San Francisco where we shot most of the video on Mount Tamalpais and East Peak,” said Windser. “It was a crazy 24 hours! We woke up at 5 AM and drove to the top of the mountains, and it ended up being this glorious foggy day that matched the mood of the song perfectly.”


“July” is an ode to growing up and growing old, a vibrant anthem Windser’s smooth vocals against a slightly melancholic, sparkling track, and the brand-new music video only adds to the wistful sentiments with pensive, evocative NorCal visuals.

Stream “July” by Windser on all platforms and watch the new music video above.

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