Pitti Uomo 97: WOOLRICH

Displaying the new Arctic Parka Capsule collection from the oldest American outdoor clothing brand.

As part of 97th Pitti Uomo, WOOLRICH took over Florence’s La Dogana, transforming the venue into an enchanting installation for the days of January 8 and 9. Reaffirming the brand’s American heritage and expertise in outerwear, the wall and video installations display vintage products and spotlight WOOLRICH’S history as the “Original Outdoor Clothing Company”.

“With the Ultimate WOOLRICH Experience at Pitti, we are refocusing our Product & Brand strategy on Outerwear – the category that built this brand and made it great, and which will continue to drive our future growth,” said WOOLRICH’S CEO Stefano Saccone. “Delivering bold, purposeful and innovative products, along with impactful and engaging consumer experiences, is where we will direct our creativity, energy and resources.”

Leading visitors into the WOOLRICH Forest is a hallway of falling snow and bare trees, echoing the wintry landscapes of Pennsylvania that are at the brand’s roots. Inside the enchanting forest are three mirrored cabins, each housing the new Arctic Parka Capsule collection — an embodiment of the brand’s signature combination of innovation and urban style.

The capsule is displayed according to each cabin’s respective concept, Luxe, Tech and Eco, all introducing a distinct parka style: the practical yet polished Luxe Arctic Parka, the innovative yet sophisticated Tech Arctic Parka and sustainably made, functional Eco Arctic Parka. “This installation is part of our outdoor-to-outerwear journey and is the perfect opportunity to present our exclusive, three concept outerwear collection – the Arctic Parka Capsule,” explained Andrea Cané, WOOLRICH Creative Director. “A contemporary interpretation of what luxury, technology and eco mean today for WOOLRICH.”

Finishing off the full WOOLRICH experience is the Infinity Parka installation, displayed in a secret room and can only be observed from above. Mirrored walls create the illusion of an uninterrupted, perfectly symmetrical sea of multicolored Arctic Parkas for an impactful grand finale.

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