Words With Friends: Baby Ariel On "Veracious"

Words With Friends: Baby Ariel On "Veracious"

Words With Friends: Baby Ariel On "Veracious"

To have TIME Magazine call you "one of the most influential people on the Internet" in 2019 would be one of our culture's highest honors. To have them say that about you two years in a row is, well, unimaginable.

Of course, that is unless you're Baby Ariel, the 18-year-old "Queen of Gen-Z" who's gathered over 46 million followers across different platforms. While old-heads like myself might not quite understand apps like TikTok (previously musical.ly), we do understand their magnitude—thus, hearing that Ariel has the highest following of any user on TikTok is, undoubtedly, no small feat.

In a nutshell, combining a Kylie Jenner-esque level of social media fame with musical talent results in the unstoppable force that is Baby Ariel, whose musical career is exploding along with a few upcoming acting roles, including a leading role on Disney Channel's original Movie Zombies 2.

Recently, Baby Ariel released her interpretation of Lou Reed's classic "Wildside." To celebrate, she played a round of "Words With Friends" and choose veracious, a notion she relates to the song.

Veracious (adj.): speaking or representing the truth.


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