Words With Friends: Evan Mock Teaches Us “Desperado”

In a new series, Deputy Editor Mathias Rosenzweig has artists and celebrities define lesser-known words.

WordsEvan Mock is a boy of many trades. Whether he’s riding waves along the Hawaiian coast, shredding at a skate park in LA, or walking Virgil Abloh’s Paris show for Louis Vuitton, the kid’s got a knack for getting people’s attention. The possibilities for Mock are as limitless as they are unpredictable, seeing as how he’s successfully branched off in numerous directions.

We asked Evan to define the word “Desperado” for our Words with Friends series. He in fact came up with his own definition, which perhaps makes him a desperado in that he went rogue. It’s meta and it works. That said, the real definition is below.

Desperado: /despəˈrädō/ a desperate or reckless person, especially a criminal.

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