In a new series, Deputy Editor Mathias Rosenzweig has artists and celebrities define lesser-known words.

Iggy Azalea is known for having a way with words. In fact, her strength for rhetoric, rhythm and puns garnered her debut album, The New Classic, a Grammy nomination. Fresh off the release of her latest project, In My Defense, we’re facing The Second Coming of Iggy; one that addresses the scandals and bites back at the critics with music that is perhaps her least apologetic ever, which says a lot for the rap starlet.

So what of it? We’ve asked Iggy to premiere our new #WordsWithFriends series. For this episode, Iggy educates us about a relatively unknown word and explains how she relates to its meaning. Professor Azalea is coming in hot for Back To School Season. Check it out, below.

Defray: /dəˈfrā/provide money to pay (a cost or expense).

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