Workout Essentials For the VMAN

Here are some of the top picks for gear you’ll need to get you on your fitness journey

We’re almost through the first quarter of 2021 aka the time when most people celebrate that they’ve kept their new year’s resolutions or start breaking them. If continued health and fitness was one of them, then fret not! We have for you some of the best workout gear that you could need to not only exercise better, but to also make things more exciting with new equipment.

From fitness trackers to sporty facemasks, here are nine of the best workout gear for the VMAN:

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech 2.0 ($78)

Image credits: Lululemon

Lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech collection is known for their focus on breathability and sweat prevention. The 2.0 Tee, with Silverescent technology, reduces sweat-induced odor on the fabric and the mesh construction and elasticity make it a comfy wear. Also, it’s available in 19 colors/types, so there’s one for every taste.

Gymshark Arrival Shorts ($14)

Image credits: Gymshark

These shorts boast DRY technology that wicks sweat from the skin. The flexible yet durable construction makes these a pair that’ll give you the range of motion you need from your legs without risking a tear.

Adidas SL20 Summer.RDY Shoes ($110)

Image credits: Adidas

As the summer approaches, Adidas has you covered with their ultra-light, ultra-breathable shoes. The mesh build allows for great air circulation, so your feet can feel the wind as you blaze through the park, while also maintaining great grip.

fitbit inspire 2 ($80)

Image credits: fitbit

The inspire 2 takes all the conveniences of the traditional fitbit and adds it to this nifty device. The sleek design won’t feel out of place on any outfit, which is great because its 10-day long battery life means you can wear it for a long time to observe breathing habits, exercise patterns, and sleep patterns.

Aquio Water Bottle Speaker ($50)

Image credits: Aquio

On your way to the park for a secluded fitness session with too many things to carry? Knock at least one of those items of your list with this water bottle speaker. The stainless-steel design keeps your water cool and insulated, keeping you hydrated while connecting to your phone to play your favorite workout jams.

Ten Thousand Full Length Tight ($78)

Image credits: Ten Thousand

These tights are designed to give you complete support where you need it. Yet, the quick-drying Italian fabric is soft enough to not make your lower half feel uncomfortable or restricted. But don’t be fooled, this fabric can take anything from CrossFit grunts to mile-long run pants.

Nike Therma Training Hoodie ($50)

Image credits: Nike

Nike’s Therma hoodie is like a warm hug telling that’s also telling you “okay, just five more reps.” The insulating fabric keeps you warm enough for chilly outdoor or layered up indoor sessions. Plus, it’s another sweat wicker, so even with the extra layers, you won’t feel sticky or wet.

JLab Epic Air Sport Earbuds ($99)

Image credits: JLab

The word “sport” is in the name, they can’t be perfectly suited for anything else. The over ear design helps keep them stable, while the adjustable noise cancellation and monstrous 70 hour playtime (15 from Bluetooth, 55 from the charging case) means that you’ll be on the go with the JLab earbuds all day.

UA Sportsmask ($30)

Image credits: Under Armour

For as long as exercise routines are happening in the outside world, the Under Armour Sportsmask might just be your best friend. It’s made of a breathable fabric that keeps it cool and fresh throughout your workout and adjusts to fit perfectly to the shape of your face.

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