Worship, Fetish, And Ancient Engineering: Area x Sergio Rossi Collection 04

Area’s latest collection reinhabits ancient codes of architecture.

Conceptualized (and founded) by Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk, Area’s latest archetypal collection reinhabits the house’s codes of duality exuding intricately constructed and sophisticated craftsmanship. Through a gracious nod to ancient architecture, Collection 4 surveys concepts of worship and fetish demonstrated through shape, construction, and signature embellishment.

In tandem with the debut of collection four, on September 12th, Sergio Rossi, the iconic Italian women’s footwear brand – synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, femininity, and elegance – and Area initiated conversation surrounding their latest exclusive collaboration. Teased at Area’s most recent September fashion show, the capsule collection features four different flat and high heels sandals, including sandals, gladiators, pumps, and slingbacks. The collection is available for purchase starting February 2023.

Piotrek Panszczyk, Area Co-Founder and Creative Director shared, “This collaboration embodies the synergy of heritage and expertise infused with modernity and innovation.”

Folded Pyramid

By delving into the study of the construction of ancient architecture, Area bred a folded pyramid motif that was multiplied and hand-sewn to create spherical column gowns, skirts, and bodysuits of structured silk-wool, vibrant silk-Duchesse, and Japanese selvage denim. This technique was then translated into 24K gold & Swarovski accessories and headpieces reminiscent of pyramids reflecting the sun.

Jumbo Spike

Born as an offspring to a type of punk fetish spirit, the label sought to sculpt pieces that felt aggressively beautiful and protective in their appearance. By researching an artistic approach to shape and geometry, they looked at Wenzel Jamnitzer’s ‘Perspectiva Corporum Regularium’. Area rendered these figures into 3D-printed cones that are hand-set with hundreds of Swarovski crystals. These spikes were mounted on embroidered straps and constructed into hardcore evening coats and cocktail dresses that demanded presence.

Folded Bondage Bow

To further explore themes of bondage, the house looked focused on the work of German artist Cora Korsett. By contrasting the extremes of BDSM & fetish with the classic femininity of bows, Area created cage-like corset structures scattered with folded bow shapes to create sexy evening dresses and couture pannier jeans. From there, a motif is evoked into metal ribbons encrusted with rhinestones that wrap and pulse around the body. Therefore, in celebration of queerness, the house translated these pieces into opulent airbrushed headpieces crafted of rainbow ombré crystal.

Sergio Rossi x Area

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