Xavier Omär Releases “All Our Time”

Xavier Omär drops new track “All Our Time” with Jae Stephens.

Most of us probably weren’t able to have the summer of our dreams this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what could have been. For starters, Xavier Omär‘s new track “All Our Time” would have been playing out of the car speakers as we sat on the hood and watched the golden sunset slide away, cold brew in hand.

The song is a collaboration with R&B songstress Jae Stephens. It’s an ode to wasting time with friends and the carefree nature of youth.

“I wrote this song at a time where I was thinking back over my youth and the days all of my friends and I were free to just be together and enjoy our friendship,” Omär explained.  “I’ve missed that as we’ve grown up, and especially now during what’s supposed to be a quarantine. We went from worry-free to having our days filled with them. Now, more than ever, I just miss the companionship.”

The track also gives listeners a preview of what’s to come on Omär’s forthcoming album “If You Feel,” which will drop on Oct. 23. For now, lay back, close your eyes and remember what summer used to feel like with “All Our Time.”

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