Y-3’s Fall/Winter 2022 Chapter 3 Collection Is A Auspicious Ode To The Color Orange

Founders of Y-3, Adidas, and the infamous Yohji Yamamoto envisage a visceral new future through the collective memory of the color orange.

Through a gracious exploration into the theme of collective memory, the collaboration label, Y-3, builds on the “20 years: Recoded” thematic narrative through their Fall/Winter 2022 Chapter 3 Collection. Staging itself as a promising ode to one of the brand’s most iconic colors – Orange – Y-3 delves into the past to boldly envisage a visceral new future. Being as Y-3 is the joint product bearing from the creative endeavors of Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto, the two delve into their shared past to consider memories of orange. Y-3 seeks to interweave Yamamoto’s avant-garde essence with Adidas advanced sportswear.

A synonymous symbol for Y-3, orange has been the chief color of the brand’s logo for many years. For Fall/Winter 2022 Chapter 3, the label amplifies this most iconic of signifiers, contrasting the luminosity of the Pantone with black and neutral palettes while simultaneously incorporating evocative references to a sport that has remained a ceaseless influence – football. Signified by a selection of pieces that feature contrasting logos, bold blocking, and, of course, fluorescent Orange color palettes, this selection of components is conceived as a harmonious cacophony of contrasts—boasting new perspectives on football crest logos and revitalized team sponsor graphics.

An array of dynamic footwear with the Y-3 HOKORI III, the Y-3 ULTRABOOST 22, and a bright orange colorway of the iconic Y-3 QASA is the focal point, as well the polite ushering in of the arrival of the brand’s expressive take on an archival Adidas classic, the Y-3 GAZELLE.

With the inclusion of a carefully chosen cast of rebellious figures, the models recode sporting movement as an artistic expression through explosively choreographed gestures. Warm lighting is highlighted through a digital backdrop composed of two different shades of orange and a nostalgic pastel blue, which come together to reference a sun at dawn. The result is a flood of luminescence that is at once an allusion to Y-3’s emergent beginnings and an ode to the brand’s original color.

In tandem with the launch of Fall/Winter 2022, Chapter 3 is a powerfully energetic campaign shot by Thue Nørgaard with creative direction from Jamie Reid and styling from Robbie Spencer. Evoking a notion of a continuation of the aesthetic language which was established in Chapters 1 and 2; the expressive visuals focus on control, determination, and boldness of spirit.

Available beginning July 15th, Y-3 Fall/Winter 2022 Chapter 3 is available globally at adidas.com/y-3, in store, via Confirmed and through select retailers.

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