Y2K Biker Sunglasses for a Futuristic Look

The future is bright- grab some shades 

If there’s one accessory you should collect, I would say it’s sunglasses. The right pair of shades is key to upgrading your look and there’s a perfect pair for each outfit. This season we’re seeing a resurgence of Y2k trends, one of which is wrap-around biker sunglasses. To achieve that cool futuristic look, add some of these sunglasses to your summer wardrobe. 


Prada, Shield Tinted Sunglasses, $117

Image courtesy of Prada

Prada offers a rosy pink pair, with brown and gold resin and tinted frames. Very reminiscent of the Y2K style, these shades will make you feel like Paris Hilton in her DJ days. 

Balenciaga, Cat Eye Sunglasses, $249

Image courtesy of Balenciaga

This simple but bold pair will make you look cool while protecting you from the sun. With 100% UV protection and metal framing, these sunglasses are perfect for achieving that futuristic look. 

Gucci, Mask Sunglasses, $640

Image courtesy of Gucci

This bold and futuristic design offers versatile ways to style into your wardrobe. Available in black frames with either gold or gold-rimmed lenses, the subtle Gucci logo on the side completes the look. 

Bottega Veneta, Slide, $635

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta

If you’re going for a polished, chic look, these wraparound square sunglasses from Bottega Veneta are perfect for you. Available in brown and silver made from Japan, this pair is sure to make you feel luxurious. 

Dior, DIORXTREM MU, $630

Image courtesy of Dior

For those days when you’re feeling a little more flashy, show off with these bold sportswear sunglasses from Dior. With interchangeable lenses, you choose a simple grat frame or blue Dior Oblique mirrored lenses. A “Christian Dior” scratch detail on the side lens adds a finishing touch. 

Gentle Monster, Ve 02, $440

Image courtesy of Gentle Monster

Adding a little sparkle never hurt anybody! These bedazzled sunnies will immediately add some flare to your outfits. The goggle-style frame is complemented by the lattice-designed top bar and purple gradient frames. 

Poppy Lissiman, Caidyn, $95

Image courtesy of Poppy Lissiman

For a pop of color, try these wrap-around glasses in Lilac. With a matte finish and purple CAT 1 UV-protected lens, these are the perfect pair to spice up a simple outfit. 

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