Yahdan Yada, Health & Wellness Expert, on Launching the Life-Changing Apple of Eve

Health and wellness is the new wealth

With tons of supplements in the market, it’s easy to get lost and confused. Yahdan Yada, health and wellness expert, makes things easier for consumers. Also known as the Minister of Holistic Health, Yada has built a multimillion-dollar brand from the ground up. Since he was young, Yada wanted to help others by improving their daily lives. So, he travelled the world and learned about various cultures. After doing these, Yada founded The World’s Greatest Rejuvenation.


Specifically, he helps people all over the world live better lives through products that improve their health. Yada also teaches people to make better life choices. On top of these, he built a mesmerizing detox village in Ecuador. Recently, Yada launched Apple of Eve, a product that aims to rejuvenate the body’s cells.


Apple of Eve is a complete multi-vitamin, mineral, and herb nutritional support. It uses science-based research and peer-reviewed analysis. Interestingly, the product is packed with all the minerals your body needs. In particular, Apple of Eve provides all the 102 minerals your body must have― from actinium to zirconium.


Since Apple of Eve contains all the minerals humans need, it is an all-in-one supplement that people can take in one go. By doing this, consumers do not have to take various supplements. Apple of Eve also contains plant enzymes. According to Yada, these enzymes are crucial. “The Apple of Eve provides not only minerals but also plant enzymes that help the body absorb the minerals. Minerals without the proper plant enzymes are like having gas without an engine. Our body requires proper balance in order to function to its fullest potential,” Yada stated. The combination of plant enzymes and minerals helps eliminate toxins and improve people’s immune systems.


Making Apple of Eve was not easy though. Yada went to great lengths to launch it. For one, he searched the world for each potent ingredient. He also did a lot of trials to find the right combination of plant enzymes and minerals for this ultimate supplement. Due to its revolutionary nature, Yada’s Apple of Eve quickly sold out after its release. Despite this, many consumers are willing to wait to get their hands-on Apple of Eve.


Indeed, Yada and Apple of Eve are a force to be reckoned with. Thanks to Yada’s passion to help others, people can now rely on the ultimate liquid supplement to lead them to the lives they truly deserve.

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