Yellow Claw Drops New Single “Let’s Get Married” with Offset and Era Istrefi

The dynamic EDM duo celebrates the power of their music in this latest release.

The dance-inducing, mosh pit-causing electronic duo Yellow Claw is back with a new track “Let’s Get Married” featuring two artists they’ve had their eyes set on working with for years: Offset and Era Istrefi. Each artist’s contrasting styles provide for a mingled melody that harmoniously reveres a passionate love and is sure to inspire those of you hopeful romantics. After the recent release of their Spanish-inspired anthem “Baila Contigo” and induction onto the roster of Jay-Z’s music label Roc Nation, Yellow Claw is certainly making even louder sound waves with this highly-anticipated collaboration. And yes, there’s a music video too. 

Opening with an older, married couple who eloquently define the purity of love, the music video quickly flashes to a scene on-stage at Yellow Claw’s concert where one of their first fans, Kristoffer, shocks his girlfriend Biana as he gets down on one knee to propose in front of the crowd. A full-circle moment, the romantically electric beat then picks up, taking us through the stages of the couple’s love affair as they detail the unequivocal joy that Yellow Claw bestowed in their relationship. 

“It was one of the first things Biana and I fought over actually and then bonded over,” Kristoffer explains in a confessional interjection. “She thought I paid a little too much attention to Yellow Claw at first.” In response to Kristoffer’s comments, Biana continued, “I was jealous that they were taking over more than me. But then, time and time again, Yellow Claw brought us together.” 

As the music video progresses, Yellow Claw’s soundtrack underscores the evolution of their love as we witness the couple enjoying a date at a bowling alley, Biana picking out a wedding dress, and Yellow Claw standing at their side in wedding pictures. It’s a compelling celebration of love and the power of music, fully encompassing the essence of the electronic duo’s goal to bring people together. 

Watch the romance unfold in the music video below. 

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