Yohji Yamamoto Releases POUR HOMME Spring/Summer 2022

This time, how did this genius designer weave his feelings and visions into his signature pioneering style?

Yohji Yamamoto never ceases to pursue avant-garde spirit. This season, through a video, Yohji revealed his S/S 2022 collection exclusively online on the official website yohjiyamamoto.co.jp and on the FHCM website.

The 18-minute video, consisting of 28 looks, is a result of collaboration – it’s the fourth video project made by Yohji Yamamoto and Japanese photographer TAKAY. Rather than a show video, it’s more like a statement of today’s world, and a documentary of Yohji’s insights, in which he expresses his feelings and anger in his own poetic way and shares his vision of people in the streets. 

In this collection, you’ll spot Yohji’s DNA in deconstructed and oversized shapes, very light fabrics such as linen, silk, and light cotton. Revisited trench coats suggest the idea of light and airy clothes, easy to wear for warm summer.

Black and beige hybrid looks inspired by Yohji’s S/S 1986 collection, while having a nostalgic sense, this collection contains a theme that is important to Yohji: the worker’s uniform, “the blue-collar people.” Through the collection, Yohji Yamamoto wants to represent and be close to all human beings, mixing all social categories.

Paintings and eye drawings made by Japanese artist Yuuka Asakura, flower prints and motifs made by Yohji Yamamoto’s design team, together, they embellish the collection.

To present the current world, nothing has a more powerful visual and conceptual impact than newspapers. That’s why Yohji decided to print real newspapers from the latest month on the final costume silhouettes. 

This collection is a poetic exhibition to connect human beings. Here, the lines between social categories are blurred. Here, we’re all human beings. Watch the full collection here:

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