Yoox Launches Hi GUY_Z!: A Space For GenZ

A fashionable space for younger generations to curate their own styles.

On June 1 YOOX — a leading online fashion store — launched HI GUY_Z!. Since 2000, Yoox has offered an eclectic fashion selection from designer brands to one-of-a-kind finds. Now, with the launch of  HI GUY_Z!, the brand has curated a space specifically designed for Gen Z to browse styles curated just for them.

Model wearing looks from YOOX HI GUY_Z! collection. Images courtesy of Yoox.

This space was inspired by GenZ fashion TikTokers. The digital generation has representation with this new launch, advocating that there is something made for everyone. 

HI GUY_Z!  section ‘YOU SAY COLORS!’ features the Bawar sisters (@lara_mara_sheila on TikTok and Instagram), twins Lara and Mara together with their sister Sheila wearing YOOX. TikTok has arguably become the breeding ground for fashion trends, many inspired by GenZ content creators. 

Model wearing looks from YOOX HI GUY_Z! collection. Image courtesy of Yoox.

This new launch allows for new collaborations with all ages in fashion, assuring there is space for everyone to express their individuality with their style. 

YOOX provides a selection of well-made, and budget friendly, pieces to enjoy with each coming season. YOOX also is a brand conscious, not only of their consumer, but also their environmental impact. In 2009 the store launched  YOOXYGEN – a socially and environmentally responsible page offering sustainable brands.

Model wearing looks from YOOX HI GUY_Z! collection. Image courtesy of Yoox.

HI GUY_Z! is a hub for new collaborations, inspirations and style experiments, aiming to bring YOOX closer to the new generations.

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