YOOX Partners with 2019 YOOXYGEN Award Winner Sharon Cho

The collaboration yields a seven-piece capsule collection.

The online fashion retailer YOOX has come out with a sustainable capsule collection in collaboration with fashion designer Sharon Cho. Winner of the 2019 YOOXYGEN Award and Parsons BFA Graduate, Sharon Cho developed this collection at YOOX headquarters in Milan, Italy, over her six-month internship with the luxury retailer. 

Sharon Cho x YOOX is a concerted effort in sustainable fashion, featuring an array of clean-cut garments including suits, coats, and trousers, all made of fabrics from recycled plastic bottles and sustainably produced wool.

Cho prioritizes timelessness, quality, and tailoring in her design, apparent with each piece in the collection. These everyday garments have been carefully designed for longevity and versatility, such as jackets with removable panels and adaptable lengths, adaptable for all occasions. This collection of men’s’ and women’s’ pieces reaches a broad audience as everyone searches for stylish staples they can wear season after season. Cho even incorporates her signature origami tessellations, embroidered on the back of each garment, bringing a personal touch and design edge to these functional garments. 

This seven-piece capsule collection is a confident example of how fashion design and sustainability can coexist, how designers can keep their individual voice and still promote and be conscious of sustainability in their designs. As the fashion industry looks toward a future of sustainable design and eco-conscious efforts, Sharon Cho leads the pack.  

The Sharon Cho x Yoox collection is available for purchase now on Yoox.


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