You Can Now Create Your Own Artwork with Felipe Pantone

Get ready to unleash your inner artist.

Felipe Pantone just released new interactive artwork as part of his Configurable Art line that invites user intervention into the artistic process.

Dubbed INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01, the project allows users to create their own distinct number, called Color Coordinates, by simply dragging their mouse within the configurator. This creates a color position on an Integrated System artwork created by the Argentine-Spanish artist, which has over 5,000 unique configurations linked to a singular code that users can copy and buy.

Measuring 63 by 63 centimeters, each print is created using UV ink on Fabriano Rosaspina 285 g/m2 paper. The artwork arrives in an edition of 300.

“For the first time on this series, I’m inviting the public to collaborate with me and to finalize the work through the web app that allows 5642 different configurations,” said Pantone.

The INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01 is currently available on the Configurable Art website for €500 EUR. Learn more about the artwork below:

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