You Can Now Donate to Black Lives Matter Without Money

All you have to do is a stream a YouTube video.

In light of current events, it is imperative that we support the Black Lives Matter movement with not only our voices but in more tangible ways. However, it is understandable that the coronavirus pandemic on top of financial insecurity has made it more difficult to do so. 

If you’re strapped on cash or can’t attend local protests, no worries. There’s a way to raise funds even without the financial means – through streaming. Youtuber Zoe Amira created “Views for a Vision,” an hour-long video that includes music and artwork from black artists. According to Amira, one-hundred percent of the advertising revenue will be donated to various organizations such as protestor bail funds, advocacy groups, and financial support for families affected by police brutality. 

In order to keep the ads profitable, the video must be watched with ad-blockers disabled. Don’t mute the video itself, but you can mute the tab and keep the video running in the background.

Amira recommends that viewers “share this video, make sure to leave the ads running, repeat the video, and let people know about this easy way to help.”

You can now stream the video below:

There is also a list of other Youtube videos you can watch as a way to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Join the V family in taking a stance against institutionalized racism and injustices towards the black community. 

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