Young Fin-Tech Entrepreneur Andreas Vezonik On How To a Create Luxurious Lifestyle

Determined to change the face of the financial industry for the better.

It always feels so nice to know that as industries also grow all around the world, many youngsters also get opportunities to grow along with them. If we look closely, it is actually the youngsters who have a great hand at making these developments of industries because they bring along with them the many newer ideas and strategies that prove to be the best in gaining more momentum for the various businesses. The financial sector has been a tricky industry as not all have the guts to get into it for it is quite a volatile market as well. Andreas Vezonik is one such entrepreneur who has today created a life on his own terms and a prosperous lifestyle through the financial industry that talks volumes about his success as an entrepreneur. He has made people’s lives easier with his financial services and given hope to the industry to flourish more. 

Born in 1996 and belonging to Klagenfurt, Austria, Vezonik’s humble family backgrounds gave him the strength to dream big and make efforts from a very young age to become a businessman. Today, Vezonik has built his life that is nothing less than a success story and has everything a successful entrepreneur can achieve in a lifetime. Vezonik fulfilled all the things that he ever dreamt through his consistency and perseverance in his efforts to turn his dreams into a reality. The proof is his profitable companies VolumeX and Transfera.

From being a teenager at 17, who knew nothing about business to becoming a young entrepreneur sculpting his unique place in the financial industry proves why he deserves to be called one of the best Fin-Tech entrepreneurs of the world. He altered his ordinary lifestyle and made it extraordinary after achieving greater feats in his businesses. 

His career got a kickstart with network marketing, then moved ahead with the health industry and finally made him enter the banking and financial sector, becoming a part of the large European corporation.

Offering financial services to thousands of clients and making sales in millions upped his confidence and improved upon his lifestyle completely. However, initial years in business were tough, even after giving his 100% and being a top affiliate of companies always, he chose a different path as he realised that his growth was hindered. Wanting to always live a much better life and gaining motivation by the fear of being average made Vezonik the entrepreneur he is today.

“VolumeX” ( is Vezonik’s first firm which he co-founded with two other business partners of his in 2018, catering people with services in cryptocurrency and forex trading and is an educational platform in Europe. Vezonik initiated his second firm called “Transfera” ( This is an all-in-one solution firm that offers an expansive range of services like issuing IBAN accounts & MasterCard debit cards, wallet services, cryptocurrency exchange, etc. It also provides one login for all the online work of clients and offers cheaper and faster money transfers, along with many other services.

Being the proud CEO and CFO of his companies, Vezonik also aims to attain around a million customers by 2022. Today he owns his empire of financial services and lives life king size by driving high-end cars. We won’t be surprised if he gets faster success in all his future endeavours. Follow him on his Instagram handle at – and see what a luxurious lifestyle Vezonik has created for himself.

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