Young, Queer Voters Are Encouraged To Hit The Polls

“One out of five LGBTQ+ voters are not registered to vote. We must fix this.”

Today, on National Voter Registration Day, an often overlooked demographic is finally getting the recognition they deserve as a powerful force in our democracy. Plus1Vote and Drag Out The Vote are partnering to target young, queer voters, and encourage them to register for the upcoming presidential election this November.


“One out of five LGBTQ+ voters are not registered to vote. We must fix this,” said Drag Out The Vote Founder and Executive Director. “Drag Out The Vote’s Drag Ambassadors are inspiring young, queer people across America to make their voice heard at the ballot box and the mail box this year.”

Throughout the day, drag queens across America will post voting-inspired looks so fierce that they are sure to increase voter turnout. Plus1Vote works year round to make sure that young voices and people of color are included in the democratic process. Drag Out The Vote pursues a similar mission, using drag queens to deliver their message.


“Young, queer people are too often left out of the policy-making conversation,” said Plus1Vote Founder Saad Amer.By partnering with these iconic drag artists, we’re aiming to bring these first-time voters into the voting booth and onto the consciousness of our elected leaders. We have to work, and werk, to make sure every young, queer first time voter casts a ballot in 2020.”

If you’d like to register to vote in upcoming elections, head to the Plus1Vote website and or check out our articles on the topic.

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