YOUNG T & BUGSEY Talk Music Influences and Dream Collabs

Get to know the British Rap-duo, that’s about to take over.

If you don’t know the vibe that is Young T & Bugsey, perhaps you know one of their hit global sensations, “Don’t Rush.” The song — dropped a few months before the global pandemic — had just begun to take off whilst the world was ushered into quarantine. With the uncertainty of the confusing spring months, the savior hashtag dubbed the, Don’t Rush Challenge (co-created by Lash and her squad) propelled the already 50 million view video, into viral territory. TikTok and all other socials, flooded with fun iterations of people doing the challenge, getting dressed up, posing to the catchy beat of the music, smiling, and collaborating virtually with friends. Taking in all their accolades, such as dropping, hit after hit, VMagainze spoke to Young T & Bugsey about all your burning questions… and we didn’t rush them.

From musical influences to collaborators they hope to add to their discographies — get to know more about the British Rap-duo, that’s about to take over, below:

Young T & Bugsey wear all clothing Burberry


V What were some of your first musical influences?

BUGSEY There were loads of artists going off in my crib [growing up]…People like Fela Kuti, Lagbaja and D’banj.

YOUNG T For me it was Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Super Cat, Bob Marley, to name just a few.

V What are some influences you discovered later in life?

YT Probably South American music–the old-school tracks with that jiggy bounce to them. I’d say Afrobeats, too! Because I’m Jamaican, I didn’t really grow up on that sound. But as we got older, it became more [widespread].

V Did you write any songs during quarantine?

YT To be honest, we wasn’t really in the studio like that during quarantine. We used the time to reflect and focus.

B “Don’t Rush” was really taking off; we were taking that in.

V Who are some of your dream collaborators?

B I’d have to say “drizzy” Drake. Or Wizkid.

Young T & Bugsey wear all clothing Louis Vuitton.

YT Drake for me, or Migos. That would be sick.

V What’s been your proudest career moment to date?

B “Don’t Rush” [was so] global, but I’d still have to say our [2017] song “4×4” going silver was the biggest one for me.

V How would you sum up this year in three words?

YT Unexpected!

B Eventful. Life-changing. Even though that’s two words.

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