In case you missed it, Coach has just dropped its latest campaign titled “Wear Your Shine”. Starring the likes of globally recognized talents such as Dove Cameron, Lil Buck, Youngji Lee and Yanfei Song, the star-studded roster helps introduce the Coach “Shine” collection—a range of metallic and sparkly bags, ready-to-wear and accessories, covetable items to get your fall wardrobe started.  

Courtesy of Coach

Directed by Lope Serano and photographed by Joshua Woods, with choreography by Emma Portner, the campaign sends an important message about living to your truest self and letting that inner shine come out brightly through the forms of fashion in your everyday life. “Our story for Fall is inspired by the attitude of today’s generation and our belief that our heritage can be the foundation for courageous self-expression,” says Coach’s Creative Director Stuart Vevers in a statement. “Starting with the codes that define our house, we played with youthful proportions, color and novelty to create pieces that inspire a sense of possibility. ‘Wear Your Shine’ brings to life the spirit of the collection, as well as our belief that fashion can be a space for people to express themselves.” 

As one of the chosen talents for the house’s newest release, V got up close and personal with Youngji Lee to chat more about the campaign and what’s in store for the budding musician.

V Magazine: How did it feel to be tapped by Coach to join the “Wear Your Shine” campaign? What are some of your favorite items from the collection featured within the campaign?

Youngji Lee: I couldn’t believe it. The fact that a cool brand like Coach was watching me and in a positive light too, was a great honor, and I loved it! Also, after becoming the brand’s global ambassador, I felt that the messages “Wear Your Shine” and “Courage to Be Real” fit perfectly with me, so I thought ‘Coach really does see people!’ haha! My favorite is the metallic tabby bag, which is after all, the star of the Coach Shine Collection.

V: You’re also the first global ambassador for Coach to be from Korea. How did it feel when you heard that news?

Courtesy of Coach

Youngji Lee: I think anything that is described as ‘the first’ makes a person excited and happy. I’m grateful, and I hope that with me, Koreans find Coach to be even more approachable, like the way people find me approachable!

V: Joining the likes of Dove Cameron, Lil Buck, and Yanfei Song, what excited you most about joining the Coach family?

Youngji Lee: Since the main message of this Coach collection is about “the shine and charm that comes from being real,” I’m most excited about showing people my unfiltered self. It’s so nice to be able to meet such a variety of wonderful people from different countries who shine in their own ways through an opportunity like Coach.

V: You’re set to go on tour very soon! What are some of your feelings leading up to the tour dates?

Youngji Lee: It’s both my first tour and my first Asia tour, so I’m very nervous. Since it’s a chance to directly feel the energy of the people of support me, I’m working hard to prepare a performance that is deserving of that support. I’m super excited. 

V: Are there any pre-tour preparations that you’re already doing in the meantime? If so, tell us about them!

Youngji Lee: For the first time, the entire performance will be coordinated with dancers, so I’m putting a lot of effort into practicing dancing. Haha and of course I’m taking care of my throat too. It’s a lot, but I’m doing my best to prepare!

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