Your Guide To Flowing At Home: Yoga Youtube Channels

What better way to decompress than in the comfort of your own sacred space?

Sometimes it’s just not the day to have someone’s sweaty downward dog in your face when you’re trying to vinyasa. Trust me, we get it. If you struggle from a restless mind or lack of out loud mantra motivation, chaturanga-ing at home might be a match made in heaven. Not only do you have more space (though if you live in an NYC shoebox like me, that might be false), but you have free reign to flow in whatever direction you’re called in. At home, yoga can be a refreshing change and may bring you a sense of grounding and even reframe your entire perspective on the spiritual discipline.

Imagine Shanti chanting without social anxiety. Yes, being in a collective community of like-minded, grounded peace seekers can feel like a refreshing change from your daily encounters with your average John. But I’m here to remind you of balance. Mix it up a bit. Maybe sometimes you ground yourself from the sacred space of your own home and grow deeper inwards in thoughtful intention, and sometimes you soak up the love from a community of individuals who aim to move with positive intent. You’re not missing out, you’re merely reminding yourself that your practice is yours, so do what feels right.


Candace Cabrera

20 Minute Yoga Flow

Floating Yoga School

60 Minute Yoga Class – Vinyasa

 Yoga with Kassandra

20 Minute Strength & Flexibility Flow


Sjana Elise

45 Minute Flow

Alo Yoga

30 Minute Power Vinyasa

Yoga with Yana

20 Minute Full Body Flow


Yoga With Adriene

40 Minute Strength Flow

Boho Beautiful Yoga

20 Minute Expand Your Practice Flow

Nicole Wild

60 Minutes Advanced Yoga Flow

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