You’re On with Ray-Ban By Chris Colls

When the spotlight is on you, who will you be? Six models unearth their inner light in the latest Ray-Ban styles.

This holiday season is going to look a lot different. But even in the darkest moments, we can celebrate light. Cherishing the light in all our lives, Ray-Ban’s new You’re On collection features iconic frames that embody the brand’s intrinsicly joyful free spirit. Pulling from the Ray-Ban archives, these styles are built for being yourself and grabbing life with both hands. Featuring everything from the metallic framed Frank frame to the classic ’50s Wayfarer, there is a style for everyone. Stripped down to nothing but Ray-Bans, fashion photographer Chris Colls captured the inner light and attitude in six models. In true Ray-Ban form, they show what it’s like to be unabashedly yourself. Ahead, the six share their favorite holiday activities, fun facts, and news years resolutions. 

Taking a note from these models, enjoy a moment of authentic, uninhibited joy during this holiday season. This is the time to let your beautiful inner light shine (and maybe even showcase it on Ray-Ban’s new communication platform). 



Model and Artist

For Jazzelle, “Makeup, has always played a huge role in how I let my light shine,” she says. But for a long time, the model and creative dreamt of being a race car driver… and often still does.  She best describes herself as colorful and complex and is not one to make New Year’s resolutions. For this shoot, Jazzelle wears Ray-Ban Women’s State Street Square Sunglasses



Model and Athlete

Going into the new year Will Spector says he wants, “to find new ways to help out my community. A lot of opportunities were unavailable this year because of Coronavirus, so I want to make a concerted effort to do more in the new year.” He’s a born athlete, which is an essential part of who he is. In three words, Spector is creative, compassionate, and reserved. Spector wears Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses.  




Musician and Model

Likewise, Varsha Thapa wants to continue to grow and evolve. “I want to continue realizing my true potential as an artist and a human being,” she says. Identifying as a musician and learner, she just recently learned to write with her left hand.  In three words, the ambidextrous model would describe herself as creative, woke, and a go-getter. Varsha wears Ray-Ban Metal Octagonal Sunglasses


Model and Athlete

“My resolution would have to be spreading love wherever I go, and not to be saddened if I’m not accepted by others,” says Cloud Modi who wears Ray-Ban Men’s Predator 2 Sunglasses. Besides modeling, you can find Cloud on the basketball court, or reading books that alter his perspective. Sports aside, Modi is funny, introverted, and zen— so much so, that before he moved to America, he came face to face with a panther. “It may sound odd to most, but it was a very peaceful moment for me,” he assured.



Model and Artist

Besides modeling, Alexandra Agoston is also a creative of another discipline: “I’m working on a series of paintings and line drawings. Art has always felt like part of who I am,” she says. We asked the Australian-born model how she would describe herself in just three words, stating: creative, honest, and free. But Agoston, is also an adventurer, one time partaking in a week-long vintage car rally across India in order to raise funds and awareness for the endangered Asian Elephant. For 2021, her New Year’s resolution is to get back into nature. Agoston wears Ray-Ban Classic Evolve Everglasses Aviator.



Wearing Ray-Ban Nomad Square Sunglasses, Jordy Ortiz laughs when he says, “Something that would surprise people about me is that I’m a model.” This explorer, with a kind soul, has big dreams to accomplish in 2021 and is headed to be the best version of himself.  To keep Jordy staying grounded, one can find him working out or jamming out to the latest in music. 

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