Back in the fall season of 2023, YSL Beauty debuted their latest campaign for the house’s newest men’s fragrance, MYSLF. Starring some of Gen Z’s latest leading men, including Finn Wolfhard, Lil Yachty, Hunter Doohan, Steve Lacy and Noah Beck, the new voices of the MYSLF franchise helped embody the mark of a new era of masculinity for the beauty titan.

Below, VMAN caught up with the Hunter and Steve to chat about what it felt like being tapped as the faces for the fragrance, how they would describe the scent, and how they remain unapologetically themselves.

VMAN: Since being tapped as one of the voices for MYSLF, how has your experience been working with YSL Beauty as a whole so far? What were some of your thoughts when the ask first came through?

Steve Lacy: It’s been great, they have been themselves and have let me be myself throughout which has been amazing. 

Hunter Doohan: Working with YSL Beauty has been so great. Saying yes to a brand I genuinely love was so easy and I’ve loved how collaborative the experience has been. They’ve really encouraged me to stay true to my authentic self in every part of the campaign.

VMAN: With fragrance being part of so many people’s beauty routines, could you tell us what are some of your five must-haves in your beauty cabinet? 

HD: If my everyday routine gets too complicated, I simply won’t do it (*laughs*) so I like to keep it simple: Cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, hair product, and a spritz of MYSLF, of course. 

VMAN: How would you describe the scent in 3 words?

SL: Fresh, fun, versatile.

VMAN: If “MYSLF”  by YSL Beauty was a Steve Lacy track, which one would it be?

SL: All art is its own thing.

Steve Lacy | Courtesy of YSL Beauty

VMAN: What are some of your earliest memories with scent/fragrance that you can remember? 

HD: Just coming out of the holiday season, the first thing to come to mind is the scent of cooking and baking in my mom’s kitchen growing up around Christmas while she made my brother and I’s favorites. 

VMAN: What are some ways that you stay unapologetically yourself through your art and everyday life? 

HD: In everyday life, it’s something I try not to overthink. Just surround myself with my close friends who I can relax around and not have to be in my head. In art, it sounds weird but I’ve always felt like I can express myself the best while I’m playing other characters. I can use my real emotions and opinions to fill in the gaps for the character while hiding behind imaginary circumstances. 

VMAN: With scent being attached to memories and moments in life, have you already started to splash on some MYSLF in your day-to-day as you go about life while making new memories? 

HD: Yes, I’ve been using MYSLF in my day-to-day life and the past few months have brought along so many fun opportunities that I’m sure I’ll have a sense of memory attached to MYSLF for years to come. Memories like traveling to Paris for the launch party, attending the Netflix and Emmy’s after-party and getting to reconnect with my Wednesday family, celebrating my birthday this past weekend. Looking forward to continuing to create new memories this year! 

VMAN: The fragrance’s tagline is “MYSLF, NO MATTER WHAT”. What are some ways that you stay unapologetically yourself through your art and everyday life?

SL: I think it is important in everything I do. Music, fashion, relationships, I’m always going to stay true to myself.

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