When it comes to the world of fashion, Zadig & Voltaire has long established itself as a curator of elegant offerings, dancing between its Parisian heritage and a modern flair. Now this fall, the brand takes a bold step forward by unveiling its latest creation: the Voltaire Vice lifestyle capsule.

This collection aims to take everyday objects and cast them in a new light, infusing them with a flair for art and undeniable style. Whether practical or imaginative, each item is reinterpreted in a unique and captivating manner.

Throughout the collection, the brand plays with fire (literally) to introduce a sleek black matchbox, named “Matches Made in Heaven.” This is accompanied by a series of refined lighters and a stylish gold lighter case.

Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire
Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire

Collaborating with Marko Helmets, Zadig & Voltaire has transformed the ordinary into extraordinary with wing-adorned helmets, leather bracelets, gloves, and a gold cup. The brand’s defiant spirit is boldly on display with the motto “Je m’en fous” (“I don’t give a damn”), which is inscribed on the playing cards and the water bottle. 

Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire
Courtesy of Zadig &Voltaire

Shop the Voltaire Vice collection on Zadig & Voltaire’s official website.

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