Don’t let its compact size and rounded design deceive you. Zadig & Voltaire’s latest bag, Moonrock, is a master of versatility. The latest design can be effortlessly worn over your shoulder like a shirt, and with a single motion, it effortlessly transforms its vibe to match any occasion and location.

Photography by Larissa Hoffmann | Courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire

Captured by Larissa Hoffmann in the brand’s newest Fall 2023 campaign starring rising model of the moment, Steinberg, the grained leather of the bag presents a rich and diverse spectrum of colors including classic black, elegant cream, vibrant red, subtle pink, rendering it an irresistible choice for collectors and connoisseurs of style. Although the bag’s dimensions lean towards subtlety, they hold an undeniable visual impact. The metal chain detail imparts a relaxed and casual vibe, cleverly juxtaposed by the leather handle that adds a touch of understated sophistication.

The collection is available on with prices ranging from $498-$648.

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