Zegna Takes Robust Tailoring to Nature for S/S 2021 Show

Set in Italy’s Oasi Zegna, the collection focuses on the environment from construction to color.

As models walked through a secret garden that opens up from the countryside, the Ermenegildo Zegna Spring/Summer 2021 collection proves strict designs among loose-fitting silhouettes in earthly palettes for their crowd-less, “phygital” show.

Alessandro Sartori, Zegna’s creative director, told Vogue that the collection and it’s showcasing were inspired by the nature reserve near Zegna’s conception site and headquarters in Trivero, Italy—Oasi Zegna, where the menswear brand has planted nearly half a million trees since 1910.

Featured in the collection are pieces from Zegna’s TechMerino™, seeing suits made of treated wool and sneakers that you can wash in a washing machine. But most highlighted in Zegna’s S/S 2021 collection was the use of recycled fabrics like wool, nylon, and cotton to create everything from ski parkas to cycling shorts to multi-pocketed jackets. “We want these garments to be kept for multiple seasons and multiple usage. And there is also meaning through construction, and care of fabrics and the environment,” Sartori also told Vogue. The creative director said that 35% of the fabrics in the collection were recycled, and Sartori aims to get that number to 50% as a way to offset the waste created in cultivating a collection of garments.

Head below to see some of VMAN‘s favorites from the collection, and watch the full Spring/Summer show here.



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