Zegna’s Traceable Cashmere

High end menswear brand makes a pledge to their customers and the environment with their new collection of cashmere staples.

An important element to this season’s collections is a commitment to the environment.  Moving forward, fashion brands have decided to address consumer concerns about waste and the environment. Choosing natural fibers that can be traced and reworked into the fashion statements of tomorrow has become a popular way to reduce impact for high-end brands, encouraging fashion aficionados to collect staple pieces that can live in closets for years. Zegna, the high-end menswear brand manufactured in Italy that values tailoring and material, has made a pledge to make its Oasi Cashmere Collection fully traceable by 2024. An impressive commitment with an ambitious deadline. The collection launched this week in Zegna’s NYC flagship store. 

 The Oasi Cashmere collection features closet staples including blazers, sweatshirts and lightweight over jackets made of 100% cashmere and leather. Zegna is known for its high-quality products is embracing technology, attaching a QR code to each piece of the Oasi Cashmere Collection that allows buyers to trace the creation of the collection through a digital experience that highlights the original source of the brands Mongolian Cashmere to the farm where the fiber is cultivated and follow the brand’s making process. This level of transparency makes environmentally-conscious shopping easier than ever.

The collection consists of solid colored separates. Beautifully cut cashmere blazers and matching cotton jeans are available in matching colors, for a comfortable take on a business casual. Among the brand’s stand-out creations are Deerskin Triple Stitch Sneakers. Buttery deerskin leather low-top sneakers, finished with quality stitching create the luxury finish seen on dress shoes, for an elevated leisurewear sneaker. The shoe is available in ten subtle tones from olive to avio blue, coordinating with the rest of the collection and making monochrome looks easier than ever to coordinate.


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