Zendaya and Lewis Hamilton At The Forefront of Valentino’s Latest Fall 2022 Advertising Campaign, Pink PP 

By tripping the palette down to a single hue, Pierpaolo Piccioli presents pink as a lucid dream. 

Captured in the still frame of a moment, frozen in a monochrome sign that pervades everything is acclaimed actress Zendaya and British race car driver Sir Lewis Hamilton shot for Valentino’s latest Fall 2022 advertising campaign, Pink PP. 

Symbolic of the color of love, community, energy and freedom, Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli immerses the collection relentlessly in a single shade of Pink. A different emotional and mention space is given to this single hue of Pink, a collateral dimension to the real that can be accessed. It is a territory, equal and opposite to the transcendence of the dream. Promoting that one cannot own a color, but can own a feeling. 

Pink PP is a manifestation of the unconscious and a liberation from the confines of realism. A non – color, rather than a defined palette, that becomes as a sign, a code, an identity. An absolute way that becomes totalizing. Evoking from a visual expression poetry: gentle and disruptive. This collection unveils itself as a result of research and necessity, fueled by a desire to create a lasting shade that would communicate the legacy of Valentino through a modern lens.

Shot by Micheal Bailey Gates, Zendaya succumbs to a monochromatic and obsessive Pink PP space, recalling an attitude that reflects a sense of freedom. A freedom that acts as a neutral and extends beyond any feminine traits. All pictures capture a moment morphing into a portrait of a movement.

Once again Euphoria’s, Marcell Rev reveals a cinematographic taste to the video, creating a metaphoric connection with the Valentino Rendez-Vous campaign: a sofa in the middle of the studio that acts as a portal to an authentic surreal PINK PP world, awakening a dreamlike scenario. 

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