Zendaya is the New Face of Valentino

Z for V, anyone?

Zendaya is a powerhouse who does it all—she is an actress, singer, dancer, and now, the new face of Maison Valentino.

As she enters the world of creative director Pierpaolo Picciolo, Zendaya is reshaping and resignifying the codes of Valentino, bridging the gap between past, present and imaginary future.

“I am honored to have been chosen as the face of Valentino,” said Zendaya. “I’m so excited to begin this amazing collaboration with Pierpaolo and the entire Valentino family.”

Within the Valentino community, the perception and culmination of contemporary community identity is essential to the creative process, opening the individual’s vision to the poetry of reality. The Italian luxury fashion house aims to create a palette of self-expression which is tangible, not made up merely of whimsical aspirations. An imaginary where it is possible to achieve empathy and grace, where inclusion, romanticism and awareness are valued.

For Piccioli, Zendaya is a natural representative of what the brand embodies, a contemporary kind of romanticism.

“The reason why we chose Zendaya as the new face for Valentino is because she perfectly embodies and represents what Valentino is and stands for, today,” he said. “She is a powerful and fierce young woman that uses her talent and her work to express herself, her values and her generation as well.”

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