ZERO10 X Crosby Studios Welcome Preliminary Physical Pop-up Store With Digital-Only Clothing

Two industry conglomerates team up to marry virtual reality and elements of the digital realm with the physical world.

The global AR fashion platform of ZERO10 has teamed up with creativity hub Crosby Studios to reimagine its metaverse store with a first-of-its-kind pop-up concept that bridges the physical and virtual retail experience through augmented reality. Located in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood, the space will feature a five-piece virtual collection designed by Crosby Studios, who also conceptualized the novel retail experience and interior design. Through ZERO10’s proprietary AR clothing technology, shoppers will have the opportunity to try on digital-only pieces at the concept space, introducing a new, innovative way to shop and engage with fashion.

Through its focus on pioneering design and a redefined customer experience, the pop-up merges Crosby Studios’ radical approach to the retail experience with ZERO10’s cutting-edge technology. Rather than relying on traditional retail infrastructure — comprising cash wraps, decorative furniture, clothing racks and hangers — Crosby Studios designed the concept store as an interactive space where people are able to create, commune and explore through content creation without being stunted by physical objects and inefficient processes.

Inspired by the idea of marrying virtual reality and elements of the digital realm with the physical world, Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, designed the first-of-its-kind, digital-only collection as a highly dynamic visual masterpiece that encompasses a variety of textures, colors and styles. The singular pieces include a checkered suit, light shirt, pixel leopard hoodie, disappearing pants, and video game pants. Nuriev also intentionally incorporated Crosby Studios’ signature pixelated print – inspired by the 90s video game aesthetic – throughout the pop-up’s interiors.

To try on the specially created digital pieces, upon entering a fitting room guests will be prompted to scan QR codes with their iPhones, currently the technology is conducive to iPhones only so those without a compatible device may use the in-unit iPhone provided. The QR code scan will then lead them to the ZERO10 app page where the collection lives. Through AR, customers can try on the digital clothing in real-time or via photo by uploading any picture from their camera roll to automatically overlay pieces and share on social media.

Guests can experiment with different special effects only made possible through the AR technology, such as disappearing prints and gradients. Three of the items from the digital collection will be free of charge for fitting and saving to the digital wardrobes within the app. One special item must be purchased prior to trying on, and the final piece is a limited-edition collection of NFTs, available for purchase through the ZERO10 app. The collection designed by Crosby Studios for ZERO10 will only be available “in-store” for the duration of the pop-up. Once this closes it will exclusively be available through ZERO10’s app starting on September 18th.

Dubbed the “physical” entrance into the metaverse, ZERO10 and Crosby Studios’s AR retail pop-up will be open September 7-18, 2022. The number of daily visitors will be limited so starting August 25th interested individuals will have have the opportunity to select a date and time to visit the store by signing up on the link here.

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