Zinédine Zidane x Monteblanc Partnership Makes a Mark

The soccer mogul is expressing his creative side through the luxury brand

Montblanc has announced they have partnered with Zinédine Zidane as the brand’s new Mark Maker. Zinédine Zidane is known for is career an accomplish soccer player having participated in the World Cup, European Cup and Champions League. Monteblanc and Zidane cite parallels between their dedication to excellence, passion and work ethic as qualities both strive to embody. The French soccer icon can be seen posing with Montblanc leather goods that include the Meisterstück Document Case and iconic Monteblanc fountain pens in a series of stunning black and white photographs showing off his love for the brand. 

In additon to his accomplishments as an athlete Zidane has expressed a love of reading and writing and his passion for the brand,“Montblanc is a Maison of culture and quality that believes in the importance of transmitting ideas and thoughts to others through writing. A belief that I share as someone who has benefitted from the values and culture my father and family passed on to me, and that I am trying to transmit as well. Personally I write in my notebook quite every day… I don’t only sign autographs!”  says Zinédine Zidane. The soccer icon often carries words written by his father in a notebook used to inspire and motivate him, exhibiting the importance both Zidane and Montblanc place on the power of the written word.

 The former midfielder and recent Real Madrid coach, acclaimed in his native France and across Europe as one of the most skilled soccer players of all time, will also be featured in a new campaign for Monte Blanc’s best selling fragrance aptly called “Legend” as a tribute to his distinguished career. 

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