A.Potts Expertly Juxtaposes Genderless Statement Pieces with Understated Fits at New York Men’s Day

A.Potts masterfully crafted a collection of bold and undertoned selections for Spring-Summer 2022.

Aaron Potts isn’t new to the world of genderless fashion, and the new A.Potts Spring-Summer 2022 collection is no exception. Debuting this new collection as part of New York Men’s Day on Sept. 8, he gets his inspiration from his childhood growing up in Detroit, and his life now in Brooklyn.

Most of the pieces in this collection can be described as abstract, drawing upon his past designs and accelerating farther to cross boundaries like never before. He included all types of garments, made of different fabrics, in all different colors and patterns, including neutrals and bold tones, and all in styles of clothing. No one piece was alike, but they were all identifiable as A.Potts designs and it was apparent that they belong to the same community. As a whole, the collection can be described as daring and delicate, but also bold and playful.

Studio N on the 14th floor of Canoe Studios held a plethora of models in A.Potts—every skin color, body type, age and gender was included. Looking around the room, there was a recurring theme of greenery and naturalness, some of the models holding white flowers, and most of them barefoot, or only wearing socks. One thing every piece had in common is that they seemed to celebrate every type of body, as each garment was fitted perfectly for the models, accentuating every human strength and flaw.

Starting with the more understated looks, Potts designed a nude shirt completely made of strings woven in and out together. Another model was wearing a blue bonnet hat and matching striped pants that looked intricately hand-sewn. Other calmer designs included the chic white onesie with a deep V neckline and an iridescent jacket over it, the short white flowy dress with spaghetti straps, the two-tone white dress that was almost see-through, leading down to a white and nude skirt, and the fit with the cream-colored jacket over it with many strings hanging off of it, which seemed Western, almost cowboy-like. Overall, it seems that Potts values both style and comfort.

Bolder statement pieces included the red latex-reminiscent top, the rainbow plaid dresses with both spaghetti straps and long sleeves, the multi-patterned sleeveless top paired with a rainbow plaid skirt, and the dark leather romper with a sleeveless coat to match over it. One of the most striking designs was the multi-tone dress with different rectangles of color in pink, green, blue, and orange.

As a whole, A.Potts has once again done it all—he perfectly juxtapositions louder pieces with understated ones—redefining what it means to be a genderless designer in 2021. Check out the full collection below.

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