Balenciaga drops a satirical campaign video for SS20 collection

The bizarre campaign is set in a fake newsroom but is giving us real fashion.

For their latest SS campaign, Balenciaga has dropped an eerie video that has left some a little confused and uncomfortable. In the video we see Balenciaga-clad models enhanced with prosthetically pronounced cheekbones, posing as news anchors and field reporters. The emotionless faces take on climate change, traffic jams, immigration, politics, and astrology.

Dubbed “BLNCG Live” models are wearing the latest Spring/Summer collection while mouthing soundless words. The headlines read ‘No More Traffic Jams!’, ‘Where Is All The Water Going?’ and ‘Pedestrians Are Back’ (cut to a parade of models crossing the street). At the bottom of the screen banners read, ‘In space, humans cannot cry’, ‘Some cats are allergic to humans’ and, ‘Sunglasses were designed to hide expressions.’ The ominous video is backed by a 4-minute electronic track by Wolf Eyes. Wolf Eyes provided the soundtrack for Balenciaga’s most recent show, in which Creative Director, Demna Gvasalia addressed ‘Brexit’. We saw models walking through a bright blue room, which was a reference to the EU.

This isn’t your typical high-gloss fashion campaign, it’s satire. The effect is futuristic and a little disturbing, but Gvasalia likes to mock, shock, and unsettle. The video directed by Will Benedict and is accompanied by mock political posters that show Balenciaga models as real-life politicians making phony declarations such as, “Power of Dreams”, “Power of Tomorrow” and, “Love is for Everyone.”

Take a look at the SS20 campaign video below.

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