Balmain Fall 2021 Collection Featured in Balmain-Channel 4 Series “Fracture”

These designs are the real star of the new television series.

Balmain has unveiled their newest campaign to present their Fall 2021 collection, which was revealed through a five-episode drama series, Fracture, released Sept. 2. Once again pushing the boundaries of the fashion world, Balmain wanted to present their newest collection in an unexpected way, so they partnered with Channel 4 to create a television series. This collaboration led to Channel 4’s first branded entertainment drama series, and the first time a fashion brand has partnered with a broadcaster to showcase clothing.

Starring musical artist Jesse Jo Stark, Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why), Ajani Russell (Skate Kitchen), and Charles Melton (Riverdale), this series follows songwriter Mya (Stark) and the relationships she has with her sibling Ari (Dorfman), one of her friends, Edie (Russell), and Noa, a poet (Melton). The story is based around the outskirts of LA at a run-down motel called Le Rêve that the characters call home, and as Balmain loves to combine their creations with music, the show contains original music written and performed by Stark, with composition by Michael Yezerski.

The creators of Fracture, Michail Papadogkonas, Catherine Hope, and Glenn Waldron, aimed to blend storytelling, music, and fashion through this series, and hope it will help the new collection reach a much larger audience. Plus, this partnership was on-brand for Balmain, as it actually builds on their house history—in fact, Pierre Balmain used to love using his designs to tell stories, particularly through creating costumes for theatre, ballet, and studio productions.

The campaign photos display Balmain’s timeless designs in a wide variety of styles, from a classic blue blazer, to dark leather jackets, to denim sets, to several types of boots, making each character distinct. Additionally, to continue upholding Pierre Balmain’s legacy, the fashion house’s 50-year-old infamous Labyrinth pattern, will be a huge part of Fracture and the Fall 2021 collection, seen in several different fabrics and scales.

Directed by Bradley and Pablo, check out Balmain’s newest Fall 2021 collection, now streaming worldwide on the Fracture bespoke co-branded website,

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