Supermodel Saturday: V120 With Cover Star Bella Hadid

Supermodel Saturday: V120 With Cover Star Bella Hadid

Supermodel Saturday: V120 With Cover Star Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid was the first face to open the Fall season on the cover of V120.

Supermodel Bella Hadid was the first face to open the Fall season on the cover of V120.

Photography: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

Styling: Patti Wilson

Text: Ian Monroe


Hot off the archive shelves is V120, where V celebrated 20 years since the magazine's genesis with electric cover star Bella Hadid fully embodying the V Generation. Suited up in GCDS, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent complimented by vividly bold make up from Dior, revisit the "Born to Be Bella" photos and essay remembering why the world fell in love with the Dutch-Palestinian model in the first place.

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Born to Be Bella

Who is that? asked every stunned paparazzi, security guard, and passerby back in 2014, hanging around outside V Magazine’s NYFW party with Miley Cyrus. No, it wasn’t a supermodel, it wasn’t a celebrity — it was Bella Hadid that had mouths agape. Even then, five years ago, before the whirlwind that was her career launch, before the countless campaigns, the Victoria’s Secret runways, before the beauty ambassadorships, the international headlines, before the joint V cover with sister Gigi photographed by Steven Klein that brought her fully into the fold of high fashion, Bella Hadid had the je ne sais quoi of legend.

What sets Bella apart from the glamorous girls who came before her is an undeniable flair, the flame in her famous green eyes, ripe with personality. Her commitment to her craft, her career, and role as muse is unquestioned. Yes, she was born to be Bella, a beauty in this world, but to those artists in the industry she is the canvas to bring their visions to life. Look no further than this cover story, with photographers Mert and Marcus, and makeup maestro Peter Philips, where she transforms from look to look to create a transfixing story like few could.

Like moths to a flame, Bella has gained fans around the world. Of course, with international fame comes international scrutiny. As Sir Isaac Newton posited, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction"; as 3LW said, “Haters gonna hate.” At this level of stardom, it's impossible to avoid. Every word, every photo, is so wildly analyzed that scrutiny is inescapable. But, as Bella succinctly put it in her V96 cover interview, there’s a motto that will guide you through it all: “be kind and generous to everyone you meet.”

Though she was only two years old when V Magazine came to life, we see her as an embodiment of the V Generation: feisty, beautiful, and above all else, compassionate. The perfect person to help us celebrate 20 years of V.

Bella wears jumpsuit GCDS. Earrings Bulgari. All makeup Dior Beauty. On eyes Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof in 456 Matte Lime. Diorshow On Stage Liner in 091 Matte Black. On lips Rouge Dior Ultra Care Liquid in 707 Bliss. On nails Dior Vernis in 807 12 A.M.
Credits: Executive Producer: Leonard Cuinet-Petit Makeup Artist: Peter Phillips Hair Stylist: Shon Hyungsun Ju Manicurist: Chisato Yamamoto Post Production Manager: Niccolo Pacilli Photographer's 1st Assistant: Sinclair Jaspard Mandy Photographer's 2nd Assistant: Joshua Tarn EA to Photographers: Rebecca Tinkler Styling Assistants: Peter Aluuan, Zarina Humayun Makeup Assistants: Estelle Jaillet, Kathinka Germant Hair Assistant: Ross Kwarn Digital Technicians: Niccolo Pacilli, Marco Torri Set Design: Jabez Bartlett Videographer: David Altwegger Videographer Assistant: Mira Loew Production: Across Media Production Producer: Silvia Nicoletti Production Coordinator: Noot Coates Production Assistants: Ivano Pagnussat, Patrick Cavendish, Rosie Ashley  


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