Calvin Klein Fixes Your Bra Problems with “Bra Talk”

Kiss those ill-fitting bras goodbye.

Have you ever wondered what bra to wear with a low cut dress? Step into #CKunfiltered: Bra Talk on YouTube, where Calvin Klein experts help you answer your most pressing bra related questions around sizing and fit.

Aiming to foster a direct-to-consumer relationship, Calvin Klein delves into exactly how bras work. Asantewa Cotterell and Moya De Young provide their expertise to help answer your burning questions with help from friends Roxanne Tataei, Sarah Mei Roden, Olive Hooper, and Tyler-Louise Scott. Were you wondering how to measure your size at home? They’ve answered it. How to style your bralette? They’ve answered it. Can a strapless bandeau really stay up? They’ve answered it. You get the idea. With all your bra queries, they’ve got you covered. What’s more, they’ve teamed up with Google Zoo to find out exactly what questions consumers are researching and engaging with.

From how to measure your bra size to common fit issues to finding the perfect bra, you can rest assured the mini-series will provide you with helpful tips and advice.


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