Designers and Brands Stand in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter Protesters

“We’re grateful for the courage of our employees as they share their stories. We are proud to stand with them,” says Nordstrom.

In the wake of the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and countless others, protests have been going strong the past few days. While many are quick to criticize protesters for the destruction of property or the looting of stores, a handful of brands have spoken up to show their support of the Black Lives Matter protests.

It’s no surprise that in cities like New York, Washington, Boston, and more, protesters have targeted luxury fashion stores to demonstrate the anti-capitalist messages within the movement and racial injustices that are engrained in each respective, capital-led industries. Though there has been an uproar of outrage from the media and opposers of the protests, some brands like Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Nordstrom, and many more have stood their ground and supported the movement even after the looting of their locations.

LA-based streetwear brand The Hundreds took to Instagram yesterday, posting a photo of a fire in front of its storefront with the caption, “EVEN IF YOU BRING THE FIRE TO OUR DOORSTEP, I WILL STAND IN IT WITH YOU.”

While people across the globe are weighing in on their personal beliefs of whether or not looting is an effective form of protests, many are making valid arguments that it can be productive by pointing out its historical effectiveness. It is both vital and beneficial to see these brands stand with protesters, demonstrate alongside them, and use their platforms to do so.

Other brands such as Prada and Alexander McQueen have made statements via Instagram even after the destruction of their locations. Much like The Hundreds, Marc Jacobs published two photos of graffiti done on a storefront, replacing “Marc Jacobs” with Sandra Bland and George Floyd, two victims of murder by police.

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