Embracing Unconventionality With Evan Mock In Hugo Boss’s Spring Summer 2023 Campaign

The eponymous label applauds a new generation of rebels with their most defiant campaign yet.

There are no rules in Hugo Boss’s latest Spring Summer 2023 campaign. With the eponymous label launching its most daring and uncompromising campaign yet, the house zeroes in on individuality, attitude, and rebellion. Keeping in line with its recent brand refresh, the mantra #HUGOYourWay is back and packed with new meaning and vibrancy. In true Hugo Boss style, this campaign is a celebration of genuine individuals – those who go their own way and those who welcome their own unique style.

With Hugo’s legendary signature red color threaded through the campaign, the distinctive hue makes cameos across all creative content to remind viewers that raw rebellion and powerful originality are in the brand’s DNA. While the house’s mantra and coloring are familiar, a new cast makes their debut this season, giving rise to a new generation. Three icons of individuality and boldness bring the Spring Summer 2023 campaign to life. First up is model, actor, and skateboarder Evan Mock; singer, actress, and dancer Tinashe; and singer and TikTok creator Bella Poarch who all claim the spotlight while staying true to themselves and rejecting convention.

Shot through the lens of photographer Stuart Winecoff and under the creative direction of Trey Laird and his agency Team Laird, individuals are shot both separately and as an ensemble t individually and as an ensemble in real-life scenes under a crisp, gray sky: a reflection of the reality of the rebel. Not only do these campaign stars stand out, the new collection from Hugo is showcased to shine, penetrating to a youthful and global audience that the brand represents not only a platform for self-expression – but a lifestyle free from limitations. In line with the overall brand refresh, this innovative campaign forms part of the more comprehensive goal of the Hugo Boss Group to increase global awareness of its brands within the company’s strategy.

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