February is for Fenty and Rihanna

Rihanna has sung plenty of songs for you, join in singing her a Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, happy 32nd birthday Rihanna! Within the thirty-two years on this earth, RiRi has evolved through meaningful roles and V are celebrating!

The most memorable role, a singer. Gifting the world with her voice straight from Barbados—the music industry hasn’t been the same since her hiatus. Her rich voice has produced hit songs, written and performed for the Rihanna Navy. Memorable music videos have been directed, popular songs have been remixed, lyrics have become classics, and tours have been sold out. Rihanna’s climb to success is met with a well-deserved title of, ‘wealthiest female musician’ which helps her support others to also shine bright like a diamond.

More recently, Rihanna has gifted fans with all things Fenty. Fenty x Puma, Fenty Beauty, and Savage x Fenty have taken over the fashion industry. These brands exude inclusivity and a premiere quality that is demanded from the songstress. However, the highest accolade for the singer has been the success and newest release of the luxury brand, Fenty. As Rihanna teased followers on Instagram, many assumed the release of her album was following the ominous ’02.20.2020’ post. Equally as great, Rihanna revealed her Fenty collection which is now available online. The collection, ‘Utilitarian’ is curated in burnt orange, camo green, and beige similar to the ‘Fenty x Bergdorf Goodman’ Collection. Oversized fits are synonymous with the name of the collection, making the products unisex. The theme is also carried throughout the product offering as many outfits can be worn in a variety of ways. Baggy quilted pants can be paired with other products, several featuring similar gusset pockets. Not only does Rihanna make thirty-two look great, but she is making sure her fans do too. Almost every piece is singing, you need me!

A singer, philanthropist, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, fashion icon, and gift to this world…help us sing a well-deserved Happy Birthday to Mrs. Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

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