Gucci Does Good With Chime For Change

Luxury Italian brand Gucci tackles the issue of gender equality with Chime For Change Partnership.

Earlier today, Gucci debuted the latest chapter of its Chime for Change campaign. The new phase titled “To Gather Together” acts as the commencement of two great entities joining forces while also calling for the global community to unite in support for gender equality. In launching this campaign composing of its own creative identity, decorated art-walls, non-profit projects and creative collaborations, Gucci takes a strong stand.

In the current political climate where U.S. president Donald Trump continues to push his transgender military ban, this campaign is an impactful step towards calming the storm of ignorance and intolerance. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele stresses the importance of banding together in the fight for gender equality. “Every person is created equal. We all have the power to use our voices to stand up for what we believe in. When we gather together across generations and communities, we have the opportunity to create real change,” Michele says.

Practicing what he preaches, the creative director enlisted the help of Italian visual artist MP5 to create the new Chime For Change campaign identity. The revamped creative is set to be revealed on Gucci’s ArtWalls in New York, Milan, London, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. MP5’s work is normally driven by incisive black-and-white style illustrations that confront politics and topics of society.

The Italian artist definitely stayed true to his nature in the aesthetics of this campaign. For the latest chapter of Gucci’s Chime For Change campaign, MP5 features silhouettes of human figures standing together, each purposely unidentifiable by gender or label.

Minimal, though powerful, the campaign distinctly struck a chord with the Gucci’s President and CEO, Marco Bizzarri. “Achieving gender equality is critical to securing our collective future, and we are dedicated to leveraging our creative power, global employee engagement, and support for non-profit projects to ignite conversation and help empower the next generation of leaders,” expressed Marco Bizzarri.

Taking it a step further, the campaign includes a short film titled ‘The Future is Fluid’, alongside a print zine called CHIME. Premiering at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival, the Jade Jackman-directed short film centered today’s definition of the term “gender”, as discussed by individuals from Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, the UAE, the UK and the United States. The zine is edited by queer activist and writer Adam Eli and features work from writers, artist, and activist from across the globe. CHIME’s first issue is now available at select bookstores, including Gucci Wooster bookstore of New York.

Co-Founded by Beyonce and Salma Hayek, Chime For Change has funded more than 425 non-profit projects with 156 partners in 89 countries, directly benefiting more than 570,000 girls and women globally and reaching more than 3 million family and community members. With all of the moving parts to this new campaign, Gucci and Chime For Change set a fashion trend that will never go out of style: Equality.

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