How to Volunteer at the Polls on Voting Day

Young people, listen up!

If you’re as ready to cast your ballot as V are this November, (and earlier for some states!), consider going the extra mile and helping others cast their votes too. Now more than ever, we are voting for our future, so it’s time for young people to step up and get involved however we can. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, not to mention some powerful people making it harder for people to vote by mail, there will still be in-person polling places on November 3rd, and they need your support.

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Like Issa said, a majority of poll workers are middle-aged or older, putting them at higher-risk of contracting COVID. Now, we know in-person voting in the middle of a pandemic is not ideal, but for some people this is their only option. If you’re low-risk and able to lend a hand, please consider applying as a volunteer at these polling stations so those at higher-risk do not have to put themselves at even greater risk. This is an incredibly vulnerable time for our nation, so please do what you can to help your communities and promote democracy. 

Here’s how you can volunteer at the polls and contribute to a fair election this November.

Register to Vote 

For most polling places, you can’t volunteer unless you are a registered voter in that area. If you’re currently not in the place where you’re registered to vote, in which case you’ll need to request an absentee ballot, reach out to your local polling station to see if there’s anything you can do there despite not being able to vote in that county. Look here to find the polling stations near you. 

Make Sure You’re Registered to Vote 

If you’re going to volunteer at the polls on Election Day, don’t forget to cast your own ballot! Make sure you’re registered to vote before then. 

Are You Sure You’re Registered to Vote?

Yes? Amazing. Now that you’re completely sure you’re 100% registered to vote, here’s how you help others at the polls.

Find Polling Stations in Your Area 

Once you’re sure you’re registered to vote, search your area to find your local polling station. Plan out the easiest transportation method beforehand so you’re not on November 3rd.  

Sign Up to Work the Polls 

In order to volunteer to be a poll worker, you need to go through a quick application process. Now, this process differs depending on where you live, so inputting your address on poll worker sign up sites like and will help guide you! You can also reach out and contact your local election office directly to sign up. 


Once you’ve submitted your application to volunteer at your local polling station and it’s been approved, you’ll have to go through some training. All the specifics will come once you’re approved, but this is definitely helpful to keep in mind and keep your schedule a little open. 

Election Day

Now that you’ll be a poll worker for Election Day, again, don’t forget to cast your ballot! 

Every vote counts, and we’re even more powerful when we help each other make that happen. See you at the polls!

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Register to vote, today! Find out more info on where to start here

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