Loro Piana Launches its 2022 Holiday Collection

Loro Piana launches a new holiday collection inspired by the great outdoors.

Luxury Italian clothing brand Loro Piana has released a new holiday collection just in time for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza shopping. The holiday collection is a continuation of the brand’s classic, elevated, and chic aesthetic with textures and colors inspired by nature.

The color palette of the collection mixes cold notes of baby blue, snow, and berry blue with warm tones of kasha, marzipan white, melba cream, cappuccino, and plain white. A mix of grey hues is accented with sudden pops of red, creating a warm feeling reminiscent of fall, winter, and holiday scenery. In all, the outdoorsy spirit informs the choice of warm and enveloping textures: coarse hair cashmere, cashmere, cashmere and silk, baby cashmere, cashfur, and shearling.

Loro Piana Holiday

Loro Piana Holiday


The women’s selection of this collection includes technical jackets and vests, shearling or cashfur blousons, and long coats, all in those wilderness-inspired hues. Knitted ponchos, jacquard jumpers, turtlenecks, dynamic crewneck sweaters, and hooded scarves worn with cotton pants or wool leggings are the other elements of this outdoorsy collection.

The same nostalgic feelings carry over into the menswear selection. Mixes of wool icer jackets, cashmere blousons, sweater overshirts in both cashmere and shearling, knitted bombers, and textured hi-neck pullovers are what Loro Piana views as chic masculine outdoor wear. All making you remember your days of camping as a child.

Loro Piana Holiday





Accessories in the collection include shearling boots, calfskin and cashfur snow boots, white-soled mountain boots, and men’s snow boots in baby cashmere and calfskin. Their Sesia Tote and their Extra Pocket Bags get a mountain makeover for this collection, being offered in cashfur, while the Sesia Happy Day is presented in cashstorm with contrasting leather.

Loro Piana hopes this collection not only invokes the philosophy of warmth and comfort but makes you warm and comfortable as well. The pieces are currently for sale and are meant to be enjoyed on their own with clothes in your closet or paired with more of their holiday collection to get an even warmer feel.

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