Monse Resort 2021 Ready-To-Wear

This year, Monse’s signature collaged look was created using excess raw denim and khaki twill.

Monse’s Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia — co-directors of Oscar de la Renta as well — are known to pack the runway full of fun references. Making us reminisce on the shipping labels that inspired Resort 2019 and the whimsical Resort 2020 inspired by Victorian board games. Now, with the peculiarity of this year, the Monse Resort 2021 collection is relatively simplistic. 

Instead of rushing to complete the collection in-time, that Kim and Garcia decided to release the imagery closer to the date the clothes would be available in-store… taking advantage of the extra time to rethinking their fabric sampling and shipping methods. Possibly skewed because of COVID-19, the designers always seek out the most environmentally friendly option, which would be to utilize a boat, a method that simply takes too long when reviewed on a fashion calendar.

Therefore, observing their surroundings, the creative-duo collected excess raw denim and khaki twill, leftover from some of Monse’s best-selling jeans, trench coats, and pants. Building off the colors of blue, black, tan, and burgundy, the material beautiful transformed into Monse’s collaged signature aesthetic, creating 19 full looks. The jackets, trousers, and asymmetrical skirts are accessorized by oversized cuffs and belts. And the sturdy fabric choice, not only environmentally friendly but, reflective of the support needed during the unsteady times. Softer fabrics, such as ribbed knit, are seen in flowy dresses and top. Closing the lookbook with a show-stopping gold sequined gown — the fanciest garment in the collection — and a sequined jacket atop a biker short and top. The collection is everything Monse is known for.

Enjoy the details, cut-outs, asymmetry, and movement by viewing the Monse Resort 2021 Collection below. Shop and stay up to date at

Courtesy of Monse.



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