NMF: Beyoncé, Maggie Rogers, and more

NMF: Beyoncé, Maggie Rogers, and more

NMF: Beyoncé, Maggie Rogers, and more

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

Here are some of the biggest and best music releases of the week.

Text: Ellie Beeck

Happy Friday! This week is all about Beyoncé, as it should be. The singer released her highly anticipated seventh studio album, Renaissance, on Friday, and the album pays tribute to her own musical past and the many decades of dance music. With megawatt features and strong production value, Renaissance is already making a case for several Grammy nominations. Elsewhere in the music world, this week brought around Maggie Rogers sophomore album, Surrender, where she shows off her growth both in music and in life. Other notable releases include new dance songs from Calvin Harris and Labrinth.

Let's get into this week's biggest and best new songs:

"CUFF IT" by Beyoncé

Image via Columbia Records.

Beyoncé’s long-awaited Renaissance is finally here, and it was absolutely worth the wait. Though the album is filled with hits, the standout song is “CUFF IT," a funky, sexy track that encapsulates all of the album’s best qualities. "I feel like fallin' in love (Fallin’ in love) / I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up," Beyoncé croons in the opening lines of the song, kicking things off with a bang. From her signature hypnotizing, powerful vocals to the groovy, soulful, horn-friendly backing track, “CUFF IT” shows Beyoncé in peak form.  

“Lift Off” by Labrinth  

Image via Columbia Records.

In his first solo material since 2019’s Imagination & The Misfit Kid, Labrinth hits new heights with “Lift Off.” Backed by his classic bounding, pulsating beats, Labrinth flexes his vocals as they reach atmospheric heights. “You see my rocket ship / Head up in the clouds / When the spaceship lit, ignite / Hit me from the ground / I’m about to lift off,” he sings on the chorus, as the anthem builds around the beats.  

“Anywhere with You” by Maggie Rogers  

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

“Anywhere With You” is a cathartic masterpiece, the perfect addition to Maggie Rogers’ introspective and enthralling sophomore album, Surrender. “Anywhere With You” is an unlikely mix between soft-pop and alt-rock, as the two crash together in the bridge, a crescendo of drumbeats, guitar riffs, and frenzied cries of “Are you ready to start? Are you ready to start?” The track – and the album as a whole – cements Rogers as one of the voices of her generation.  

“Bumblebee” by Dora Jar  

Image via UMG Recordings, Inc.

Rising pop star Dora Jar hits a new stride on “Bumblebee,” an upbeat, bedroom-pop anthem. “Ring around the rosie / I’m always the first to fall down / Wanna make it cozy / But I’m on the cold, hard ground,” she sings on the chorus, showing off her floaty falsetto and perfectly crafted indie-pop groove. If Jar’s vocals remind you of a slightly more poppy Billie Eilish, you’re not alone: Jar is fresh off a gig opening for Eilish at her Happier Than Ever tour.  

“Nights Like These” by Benson Boone 

Image via Warner Records.

The highlight of Benson Boone’s debut EP, Walk Me Home..., is the achingly catchy “Nights Like These.” He hits his stride on the soaring chorus, belting: “On nights like these when my willpower’s weak / I’m gonna call, so just let it ring / I’ll drive these streets, don’t come looking for me / If you’re letting go, then I’m gonna need / More nights like these.” With an insane vocal range and broadly relatable lyrics, Boone is poised to become pop music’s next big thing. 

“Revolution” by Bastille  

Image via Virgin Records Limited.

Bastille’s futuristic Give Me The Future album shows us the band like we’ve never seen them before. A departure from their smash hits “Happier” and “Pompeii,” the album explores a more hi-tech, dystopian sound. “Revolution,” their newest single from the extended cut of the album, builds upon that sound, culminating in a club-ready dance track about human connection. “I don’t want to go around the sun / With anyone but you babe,” they sing on on choppy, highly produced chorus.  

“New to You” by Calvin Harris feat. Normani, Tinashe, and Offset

Image via Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

The latest single from Calvin Harris’ upcoming Funk Wav Bounces Vol.2 album, “New to You” is a star-studded, groovy, bouncy track. “This might be news to you / This thing might feel new to you,” Normani sings on the chorus. “But if you like everything / I think you might love me, baby.” With a cheesy romance track glittering behind the funk beats, the song takes a sexy, albeit expected, turn.

“Good For Me” by Tess Henley  

Image via Joy Recordings.

Singer-songwriter Tess Henley’s “Good For Me” is a reminder to treat yourself right and get out of toxic relationships. “Good for me, good for me / Everything good ain’t good for me,” she sings on the R&B-infused chorus. With nostalgic ‘80s beats, mellow chords, and even some chirping birds, “Good For Me” gives Henley space to reflect on her feelings and highlight her strong voice. 

“Grace” by Marcus Mumford    

Image via UMG Recordings.

Marcus Mumford’s newest solo single, “Grace,” has some identifying elements of a Mumford & Sons song, but with a stronger country rock-tinge and a heavier cathartic energy. “Well, how should we proceed? / Without things getting too heavy / Even though I’d never tell you everything / I could’ve sworn I’d dropped that bomb on you already,” he croons in the first few lines of the song. “Grace” is the first single from Mumford’s debut solo album, (self-titled). 

“IDK Sh!t” by JORDY 

Image via 300 Entertainment LLC.

“IDK Sh!t” by JORDY is a fun, energetic pop song about the universal struggles of entering the real world and being an adult. “And maybe I’m still a stupid young kid / Trapped inside of a 20-something / Break down out of habit / My parents have it,” JORDY croons on the relatable pre-chorus. With a smooth falsetto, a head-bopping beat, and refreshingly honest lyrics, “IDK Sh!t” is the perfect anthem for 20-somethings who, just like JORDY, don’t know sh!t.  

Credits: Cover Image via Columbia Records.


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