Paco Rabanne Encourages You to Lose Yourself

“A little escapism goes a long way.”

Paco Rabanne’s latest capsule collection is a light and airy daydream, comforting tie-dye of pinks and blues inviting us into another world. Entitled “Lose Yourself,” this phrase can be found boldly placed on the shirts, hoodies, hats, and socks that make up the collection, an encouragement for us customers.

Escapism has been a major theme in collections coming out amidst the global pandemic, and we can’t blame anyone for having this on their mind. What is intriguing is to see how escapism manifests itself for different designers, some turning to historical reimaginations, others finding inspiration in their own fantastical worlds. Paco Rabanne looks to the natural world.

Tie-dye reminiscent of clouds, the campaign images for these garments reinforce the idea of being one with the organic world around you, as well as being attuned to yourself. There’s an infinite number of places we can imagine ourselves right now, and the Lose Yourself collection can take you wherever you want to be.

The collection offers updated versions of open ring t-shirts from Julien Dossena, in collaboration with graphic designer Peter Saville, the cinched side detail elevating the classic t-shirt design. Aside from this play on silhouette, the rest of the collection offers traditional sweatshirt, hat, and sock styles, staples for every wardrobe. Free of gender restrictions, the garments are designed to fit a range of sizes for any person who wants to lose themselves in these options. The unisex pieces of this collection are meant to bring comfort to those wearing them, an encouragement to lose yourself in the soft fabrics and soothing styles of Rabanne’s capsule.

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