Plus1Vote Promotes South Asian Voices at a Get Out the Vote Event

Every voice should be heard this election.

This past weekend was full of virtual voting-themed events and even some in-person gatherings to remind everyone to VOTE for the major election that’s in just one day. As the election is right around the corner, it’s important for us all to express our anxieties regarding the election as well as reiterating the imperativeness of voting for those who are still unsure. We also need to lift up (and continue to do so even after the election!) voices from all communities to understand everyone’s perspectives and educate one another.

Hosted by Plus1Vote with support from Now This and the Campus Engagement Election Project, the “Back to Where We Came From: Conversations with Leading South Asian Voices” event sought to do just that. This virtual dialogue, moderated by Saad Amer and Roshan Mody, featured prominent South Asian public figures including recent addition to the Marvel Universe, Kumail Nanjiani, beloved fashion designer Prabal Gurung, attorneys Rabia Chaudry and Vanita Gupta, and several more.

Covering topics including the experience of being Brown in America, the Muslim Ban, post 9/11 America, being first versus second generation American, and what’s at stake in this year’s election, there’s no doubt that this is a necessary conversation for us all to listen to and learn from. Guest speakers each had sections to share their own experiences in relation to these overarching topics, sharing more about themselves beyond harmful stereotypes as well as how they hope the nation itself will progress in such tumultuous times.

Watch here to learn more from these South Asian voices about issues facing people throughout their community and please go VOTE!


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