Prada Invites You To Join The Conversation Via Its Spring/Summer 2021 Campaign

Subverting traditional fashion advertising communication and transgressing its limitations to start the dialogue with the audience.

Last year, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons debuted their first co-designed collection for Prada Spring/Summer 2021. Now, the duo is back to continue the conversation with an ad campaign that documents the first collaborative collection and explores these realities of living in our world today.

Echoing the dynamic, ever-changing reality of today, the campaign was photographed by no one. In a riposte to ideas of authorship and auteurship, hundreds of cameras were circling models in 360-degrees to simultaneously capture a multitude of views. While technology determines our viewpoint on the collection, the models, styling, and curation and selection of these images still rely on the human mind and eye — a conversation between man and machine, a dialogue represented through these images.

Alongside each image is a question posed by Prada to the viewer, subverting traditional fashion advertising communication and allowing the images to communicate amongst themselves. The Italian luxury fashion house chose to transgress limitations to speak with its audience, drawing them into another dialogue that is an essential component of the campaign. The questions themselves meditate on these subjects: perceptions of self, views on technology and ideas of humanity that include diversity, inclusivity and sustainability. In the spirit of democracy, viewers can submit answers to each question via – responses received will become components of the campaign’s continued rollout, carrying on the dialogue into the future.

Check out the Spring/Summer 2021 Prada campaign below — and participate in the beginning of this multifaceted conversation here:

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