Sample Makeup Virtually with Burberry Beauty’s Virtual Studio

The luxury brand launched a new Essentials Glow Palette along with an interactive ‘Virtual Studio’ so you can try it on easily and safely.

Burberry released its latest Essentials Glow Palette earlier this week. The two variations of a three-in-one compact consist of a contour cream, a blush and a highlighter suitable for all skin types. To accompany this drop, Burberry also launched a Virtual Studio, which allows customers to try on the new palette along with some brand favorites. 

For those who are interested in Burberry Beauty’s Virtual Studio, all you have to do is upload a photo of your face onto the Burberry Beauty website and it will scan and analyze your facial features. Then, it will let you choose from an assortment of makeup looks for you to try on. You can also watch a live tutorial on how to recreate your desired look through augmented reality. Talk about innovation! 

The British luxury brand is no stranger to the world of technology. Known for their keen dedication to customer service experience and relationships, Burberry has in the past mingled in the world of artificial intelligence and big data by partnering with other services such as Snapchat, Twitch, Facebook and Uber. According to Bernard Marr & Co., Burberry was the first to adopt Snapchat’s Snapcode feature, which lets customers access extra information about a product by scanning its barcode. Earlier this year, Burberry teamed up with Google to create an augmented reality shopping experience that’s activated from mobile web search results. 

This time around, the company has stepped up its makeup game by introducing a tech fueled method to try on makeup with absolutely no commitment. This is the brand’s way of adapting to the huge blow the retail beauty community received thanks to the unprecedented pandemic. 

Try out the Virtual Studio for yourself and step into the new world of makeup. The Essentials Glow Palette in “Harmony 01” and “Harmony 02” is available online and at select retailers.



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