Staying Sane with Club Quarantine

The virus can’t stop us from having a good time.

As social distancing and self-isolation are becoming increasingly serious, as bad news seems to pour from our phones, as frustration and loneliness and boredom cloud our new daily schedules, the internet has found a new way to stay positive. On Saturday night (March 21), DJ D-Nice took to Instagram live to host a nine-hour virtual dance party.

The results? Over 100,000 “attendees” and media attention from a heartwarming roster of A-List celebrities such as Rihanna, Missy Elliot, even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. While the digital event may seem like a silly way to engage with followers and kill time during these longer days, the opportunity to bond over music and feel a sense of community while alone in your living room acts almost as a mass group therapy session. To know that even in such a dark time that can feel so individual you are still a part of something bigger is so healthy.

D-Nice is not the only celebrity or DJ creating virtual events with Instagram live. Musicians are putting on impromptu shows from studios, DJ’s are collaborating on multiple hour-long sets, internet sub-communities are working together to stay strong and remain intact throughout the quarantine.

Another notable internet party, similarly titled “Club Q” or @clubquarantine on Instagram, has been working to maintain their community via zoom. The video-chat party happens every night at 9:00 PM. Described as a “online queer party”, the group is one of many staying optimistic and having fun on their big nights in.

For more virtual coronavirus concerts, Colors Studios will be hosting a 24/7 live broadcast for 30 days straight. Check it out here.

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